Decided to rewatch season from start to try and catch more numbers now that there’s enough for them to make sense, etc. Waiting weeks between things is a pain~~~~

Biggest lines I missed in The Dark Moon:

Lydia: What do you want?
Araya: Right now? I want to know…

I’m wondering if this is where it comes from denying his wolf side?  Like in those moments of extreme distress his wolf manages to break through and thats what causes his eyes to go like that?  Interesting catch calico! 

Mini Meta of the Week: Parrish, another Raven thought….

Hey there my lovely nuggets.  This week’s episode had lots of juicy bits and have everyone rethinking a bunch of what they thought had been going on. I highly suggest checking out some of the meta out there currently because it’s fantastic with possibilities.  Just saying and throwing it out there, interact and check some out! 

Now here’s the point of my post this week, drum roll please….


Another Parrish post. This week I think will be shorter than my previous posts.  Nope scratch that, it took longer than I think to write it all out.  Now if you’ve been following my meta at all up until now you’ll understand my thoughts on Parrish, for those of you who have not yet had the joy of seeing those previous posts, I’ll link them here for the two of them

So there you go kiddies you can read up on what I say about Raven before I add to the raven.  Now here is my thoughts regarding raven after this weeks, shall we call them developments? I believe we shall.

Now previously I had talked about the comparisons to the wars and dead bodies and bringing the dead to others etc side of Raven.  The whole idea that because he was in Afghanistan maybe he was there to help shepard the bodies to their resting place ala the psychopomp theory, or that he is similar to Bran of Celtic Mythology with bringing the bodies and being able to rejuvenate those bodies etc.  (For more information regarding psychopomp or Bran talk to theonesarcasticchick, she’s got those ideas on lock).

I mention Bran though for the reason to draw comparison to Game of Thrones for a hot second.  We have now been seeing Bran seeing his little bird friend (raven or crow, people have said both things, and both birds look similar yes, but I say its more Raven).  Anyway, when he sees this bird it always has the third eye right?  Well the third eye is about intuition and hidden sight.  Bran seeing the bird always relates to visions he is having about where he needs to go. 

This fits into another side of the Raven mythology which I have not quite touched on in previous meta.  The idea that Raven is a type of clairvoyant and can often see things that have yet to come.  That they are intuitive (sound familiar there Parrish?), and that they have this second sight. 

Now how does this relate to last nights episode for me?  Well currently there are two trains of thought on Parrish regarding his supernatural card.  One theory is that Parrish is fully aware of his supernatural power, and he is a master manipulator and is hiding and avoiding to protect himself like any smart person in this town would do.  The second train of thought being that Parrish actually isn’t fully aware of his supernatural power and that while things have happened which make him open to the supernatural he is not fully invested in it either yet.  Which either is very possible.  

For the sake of my thoughts here I’m going to go with him not being fully aware of what he is.  This started for me when he was talking to the Sheriff about the whole intuitionalist idea for psychics etc, like he might believe more than he lets on, and maybe because of things that he has seen in his life he researched such things more in-depth.  My head cannon at the moment is that he might have moments where he sees things or says things and doesn’t really take a second chance at thinking about them but those moments actually mean something much more in the grand scheme of things.  Like being psychic without realizing he is predicting kind of thing.

What brought me to this idea was this.  Who remembers this moment:

Parrish slightly jokes about the idea of killing himself for the money which anyone in college or who has loans would completely understand what he is saying here.  However, I began to think what if what was taken as a joke and meant as a Parrish thing was actually a prediction to something that occurs later?  

Teen wolf has usually been avoiding suicide as a means of death, aside from the whole hunters take your life to prevent being evil thing.  However, this episode we have two suicide mentions in the beginning and end.  Seems a little suspect to me.  Even if creepy mccreeperpants orderly man actually killed Meredith and she didn’t commit suicide the fact that Parrish mentions death in this way slight sticks out to me. 

This got me thinking, and I have yet to actually delve into all of the Parrish episodes to confirm it, but have we seen things like this happen before?  Where we see Parrish mention something that later comes to be true?  Like he is setting up predictions without (or maybe he does realize) realizing that he is doing it?  Kinda like the Beacon Hills version of Sybil Trewlaney, where no one takes what he says at length, yet it happens anyway?  Ravens see the future, so why not….

Anyone have thoughts?  Or examples of other times this has happened?

PS Bonus for this week:  This happened.  Parrish got the Stiles Seal of Approval and that just makes me swoon!